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Welcome to United Machine & Design, Inc.! We want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our company and our services. Our company is working to provide you with the best solutions for your metal-working, fabrication, tooling, and engineering needs!

United Machine & Design, Inc was founded in May of 2000.  Our highly skilled staff, with various technical backgrounds, is always ready to accept any challenge set before them. 

We concentrate in the machining of detail parts enabling our customers to focus on their assembly requirements. We specialize in the design and build of custom tooling such as draw form dies, blanking dies, holding fixtures, and inspection fixtures for the Commercial and Aerospace Industries. We also offer full fabrication services that include metal spinning, press work, and welding.

We have the ability to construct complex 3-D surface geometry or utilize customer supplied 3-D data to produce various types of tooling or custom machine 3-D components to your requirements. Our dedicated CNC staff continuously produces intricate production maintaining high quality requirements. Exotic alloys, such as Haynes 188/263, Hastelloy X, and Inconel 625/718 is a daily part of our production machining. 

Quality is our highest priority in all aspects of our business!

Thank you for your interest in U.M.D.I.!

Tim Callahan -  President

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301 N. Murphy Ave.
P.O. Box 404
Brazil, IN 47834
(812) 442-7468
Fax: (812) 443-1039

Last Updated: June 5, 2009